Conference details
Luo Jia Shan Zhuang (珞珈山庄; Luo Jia Villa )    photo
  on the campus

Fengyi Hotel     丰颐大酒店
   located in the south of the campus, and in the north of Guangbutun 广埠屯 station of Wuhan metro line No.2

Shui'an Meiju Hotel     水岸美居酒店 
  located in the south of the campus, near the Dong hu 东湖

Lunch     Guiyuan Restaurant     桂园餐厅
   Dinner    Jia Yuan Xiao Guan Yuan   珈园小观园                      
Conference banquet
   Friday, March 11, 2016  

Friday afternoon, March 11, 2016     
East Lake,   Botanical  Garden    cf   
For Botanical Garden, about 40 RMB will be collected as entrance fee.     

Campus Tour
13:00-14:00  on March 10, 12, 13  (Visit three different places on campus)