Airport Information

Wuhan University is reached within one hour from the Wuhan Tian-he Airport (code: WUH). 

From abroad    
There are direct flights from Paris, San Francisco, Seoul, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Kansai etc.

From Beijing or Shanghai
It may be a good idea and the total airfare is sometimes cheaper to fly to Beijing or Shanghai first, then 
transfer to the domestic flight to Wuhan. 
Please notice the following:  
Beijing Airport is very big, and flights are often delayed or cancelled. If your flight arrives earlier or it departs on time, you are very lucky.  
Please keep the time at least two hours (preferably, more than four hours) between international arrival and domestic departure. 
There are two airports in Shanghai, Pudong (code: PVG) and Hongqiao (code: SHA).  They are completely far away.  If possible, please use the same airport.  In addition, both airports have two terminals and are not so near.   In special, the change the terminal in SHA is not so convenient.  
It is highly recommended to buy the airplane tickets as early as possible (three months before).  The flight tickets are cheaper. The domestic flights in China are always full of people. If you try to reserve the tickets late, they may be sold out or very expensive. 

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